Teachers’ Salaries And the Pay Rates of Educational System Employees


The minimum and median (average) pay rates below have been registered July 2021 and are meant as guidelines only, as they change periodically based on the following:

  • government regulations
  • local and national economy
  • the teaching experience of the education employee
  • the roles and responsibilities of the education employee
  • curriculum and teaching level (preschool, primary, secondary, college, etc)
  • region, city, county, or state of the educational institution
  • other factors…

USA Salaries (click to collapse)
Avg. Salary
($ / year)
Min. Salary
($ / year)
Adjunct Lecturer 130k 66k
Lecturer 51k 29k
Adjunct Professor 81k 48k
Professor 66k 31k
Principal 121k 54k
Director of Education 84k 54k
Educator 64k 32k
Education Specialist 63k 40k
Education Coordinator 48k 33k
Lead Teacher 30k 22k
Teacher 24k 11k
Teaching Assistant 26k 20k
Teacher’s Aide 15k 11k
Para Educator 36k 27k
Paraprofessional 33k 24k
Substitute Teacher 31k 21k
Special Education Teacher 51k 35k
High School Teacher 50k 35k
Middle School Teacher 47k 26k
Elementary School Teacher 66k 44k
Preschool Teacher 38k 28k
Early Childhood Teacher 36k 22k
Daycare Teacher 26k 15k
Tutor 55k 43k
English Teacher 26k 17k
ESL Teacher 55k 40k
Mathematics Teacher 48k 31k
Science Teacher 63k 52k
Director of Admissions 61k 40k
Academic Counselor 49k 36k
Academic Coordinator 46k 31k
Academic Advisor 39k 20k
College Advisor 41k 29k
Admission Counselor 39k 25k
Admission Advisor 42k 22k
Admission Representative 43k 33k
Admissions Specialist 45k 35k
Admissions Assistant 27k 20k
Admissions Officer 46k 32k
Enrollment Advisor 45k 30k
School Counselor 54k 23k
Guidance Counselor 52k 34k
Curriculum Leader 70k 38k
Curriculum Manager 57k 30k
Instructional Assistant 34k 25k
Instructional Aide 32k 25k
Student Coordinator 43k 30k
Instructional Coordinator 67k 48k
Student Advisor 42k 32k

Note 1: these pay rates only concern the public schools and may, or may not reflect the salaries paid by the private sector.

Note 2: for easier readability the pay rates have been rounded up, or down.

UK Pay Rates


Avg. Salary
(£ / year)
Min. Salary
(£ / year)
Professor 91k 68k
Associate Professor 64k 56k
Lecturer 41k 35k
Associate Lecturer 31k 27k
Headteacher (UK, except London) 55k 48k
Headteacher (London only) 58k 49k
Headteacher (Scotland) 65k 51k
Headteacher (Northern Ireland) 52k 44k
Upper Education Teacher 40k 39k
Main Education Teacher 32k 26k
NQT (England + Wales) 29k 26k
NQT (Scotland) 30k 28k
NQT (Northern Ireland) 27k 22k
Unqualified Teacher 24k 18k
Secondary School Teacher 30k 22k
Primary School Teacher 32k 26k
Substitute Teacher 31k 22k
Preschool Teacher 28k 17k
EYT (Early Years Teacher) 17k 16k
Math Teacher 40k 33k
Science Teacher 35k 28k
English Teacher 35k 23k
History Teacher 36k 29k
Geography Teacher 35k 28k
Music Teacher 36k 29k
Citizenship Teacher 39k 31k
Foreign Language Teacher 34k 28k
Computing Teacher 35k 27k
Arts Teacher 35k 17k
Design Teacher 34k 28k
PSHE Teacher 38k 28k
PE (Physical Education) Teacher 36k 29k
Design & Technology Teacher 35k 29k

Note 1: to compensate for the higher cost of living in the London area (fringes, outer, inner) the pay rates are usually 3% to 25% higher than those depicted here.

Note 2: for easier readability the pay rates have been rounded up, or down.