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Teacher’s Hub

Welcome to the Teacher’s Hub

In here we are listing all of the free and paid materials, courses, services and bonuses that we make available to our students.

If you are a student who wants to up their learning, memorizing and studying capabilities, improve their speaking and writing skills, learn how to get better grades or pass hard exams… the hub is for you!

Even if you are not a student anymore but are looking for ways to improve your education-related skills and knowledge, or to up your level of expertise in the fields we cover below you are welcome to take advantage of our educational courses listed in the hub.

The hub is updated with new resources and discounts as they come by, so check it out regularly!

English Accent Speech Training
English Accent Speech TrainingOnline English Speech Training Program

The goal of this e-course is to help you…

  • speak more clearly
  • gain preferred English accent
  • remove stuttering
  • neutralize foreign accent
  • improve confidence and performance
  • and more…

This course is perfect for learners of American and British English, for native English speakers who wish to acquire a clear and “unaccented” type of speech that is well regarded around the world. It’s also great for ESL users who want to speak naturally in a preferred accent.

Price: $32.95/month

Math Tutorials Collection
Math TutorialsComplete School Tutorials: Mathematics

Master math with these conversational and easy to understand tutorials that have helped 6,000+ students worldwide ace their math skills and pass their exams.

The tutorials are in electronic format but can easily be printed if required, and contain fully worked sample questions and handy hints that will allow you to avoid making the usual mistakes that other students make.

Price: $24.97

English Grammar Course
English Grammar RulesMaster the Rules Of English – Complete Course

The course is a great tool for the advocates of literacy, and for those who believe that being able to communicate (both orally and in writing) in English properly is a sign of intelligence and education indeed.

The course comes in 3 parts that can be purchased either separately or together, and cover the 3 most important aspects of the English language: grammar, punctuation, and spelling & pronunciation.

Price: $9.99 / $5.99 / $9.99